Nicaragua - People and places

Boulevard leading to Hotel Princess

This is one of the newer vías en Managua, making another connection from Carretera a Masaya to the western part of Managua.

Mesón Real


Another nice option for creative cuisine exists in Los Robles, Managua.  It's the Mesón Real, a Spanish and fusion restaurante.  The owner, Gustavo Tefel, has done a really good job of re-inventing flavors...imagine the garlic shrimp (seen above) served on a bed of fried yucca and olive oil.  I thought it was a really interesting combination.  Also, the Corvina Reyna, a fusion of Spanish and Mayan cooking.  While it wasn't a favorite for me, it was an interesting creation.

The service is good and the ambiance is friendly.  As I mentioned, if you get a chance to talk to Gustavo, which you probably will, you'll feel his inspiration in the cooking.

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On a scale of 1 to 10, I give it an 8, especially for his creative flavors.

Mesón Real
Semáforos Club Terraza 1 c. N, 1 c. E
Villa Fontana Este, Managua
2278-0863 (for his León, Nicaragua restaurant)

Food in El Oriental

You know you can find almost anything in El Oriental market in Managua.  It's the biggest, busiest and most chaotic shopping experience in Nicaragua (and one of the biggest in Central America).  It is, however, the most important commercial center as well.  As this picture shows, when you go to the Oriental to buy, bring your appetite too cause you will find a great selection of typical, home-style cooking to please anyone with a taste for 'comida Nica'.


Sometimes when you learn a new language, you also learn to eat new foods. Did you know that there exists a cashew fruit? In Nicaragua, "marañón" is used to refer to the toasted nut, the fruit itself and it's even a last name. You have probably tried the toasted nuts. Here they are served plain, without salt. They are slightly sweet and delicious. The fruit itself has a sweet, pungent taste (imagine sweet battery acid) and is used to make fruit-juice based drinks.

A veces cuando uno aprende un nuevo idioma, también aprende a probar alimentos nuevos. Aquí está el marañón. El nombre marañón se refiere a la nuez que se come tostada, la fruta misma e incluso es un apellido. Seguro ha comido las nueces tostadas. Aquí se comen simples, sin sal. Están un tantito dulces y deliciosas! La fruta tiene un sabor raro - dulce y amargo (hacéte que es ácido de batería dulce) y se ocupa en hacer frescos naturales.

Mirador de Catarina

The Laguna de Apoyo near Masaya, Nicaragua is a blue jewel among a volcano rich area.  Of course, the best views of this treasure can be had from its upper rim, especially from the Mirador de Catarina (Catarina Lookout).  There is protected parking, artisan vendors, food and a lot of interesting people.  And you will always have a great view of the Apoyo Lagoon.