Nicaragua - People and places

Variety of people in Nicaragua

Nicaragua has quite a variety of people, as these two little girls from San Judas, Managua clearly demonstrate.  On the east coast, black and indigenous people are predominant.  On the west coast, the mestizo is more common. In the northeastern part of the country is where you will a lot of  the "Chele nicas" like the young one of the right in the picture.

Street sellers

Nicaragua has a great quantity of street sellers - people who make a living selling a great variety of items from door to door.  It's also common that each on of them has a distinct sound, so to speak, as they call out their products.  Kind of an audio trademark that he (or she) himself (or herself) has invented.  Remember the girl who sells donuts? [click here]   Well this guy sells popcorn (C$5 a bag) and cotton candy (C$7 a bag).

Step surfing in Managua

These kids in San Judas, Managua, Nicaragua know how to have fun.  What about step surfing?  Looks good to me!

Estos muchachos de San Judas, Managua, Nicaragua sí saben divirtirse.  ¿Qué te parece surfear las escaleras?  ¡Me parece muy divertido!