Nicaragua - People and places: Jiquilillo


Tanya, Erling, Alejandra, Eunice and I went to a placed called Jiquilillo on Thursday. We continue to do a census looking for deaf people in areas farther away from Chinandega.

It's a really undeveloped, long beachfront. It's a nice beach and the people are really nice too. There are a couple of places for tourists there: one is Monty's Jiquilillo Surf Camp. Looks pretty quaint. Here's a link for his official pictures:

I also saw another place called Rancho Esperanza. Saw a few cheles there but they didn't look too thrilled...IMO.
I personally would go with Monty's Juquilillo Surf Camp. It has a nice little restaurant/bar area and the accommodations are rustic but comfy. This old water tank, as a still standing relic from a past tidal wave, is just down the beach from Monty's.

I am not an expert surfer but I will say that I have spent part of my 14 years here in Nicaragua boogie boarding up and down the coast, at lots of different beaches. Judging from what I saw on Thursday, Jiquilillo is not the place to be if you want to surf (at least not during this season).

I am going to dig up some of my old boogie board pictures. Keep an eye out for them....

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