Wonders of wildlife

Nicaragua flights aren't only made by airlines. There exists many wonders of wildlife which provide opportunities for ample bird watching throughout the country. I remember being in the Nicaraguan capital of Managua and frequently seeing the turquoise-browed motmot, the Nicaraguan national bird (its local name is guardabarranco).

However, there is another smaller bird that is harder to find, unless you have binoculars for bird watching. It's called the red-legged honeycreeper (mielero patirrojo o mielero colicorto). Recently, I was able to capture a pair of these birds, male and female, feasting on a mango. The well mannered blue honeycreeper would sit back on a branch waiting for his green colored mate to eat. When she would leave, he would come and eat. When she came back, he again moved off to the side and let her eat...they did this for several minutes and took quite a bite out of that mango. It was a beautiful bird watching opportunity. If you keep your eyes open, I imagine this scene repeats itself wherever you point to on a Nicaragua map.

Mango mayhem repeats

If you look on a Nicaraguan map in search of places where tropical fruits grow, you would find them everywhere. Exotic fruit is common in Nicaragua. For example, there are at least 500 and perhaps as many as 1,000 different varieties of mangos in the world. I don't have an exact answer but Nicaragua must have at least 20 varieties of these luscious tropical fruits...and the Nicaraguan population loves them. Even in the capital of Nicaragua, Managua, it is common to find mango trees in abundance. Well, let me share some pictures of this delight which, in fact, in found throughout Central America.

Si mirás a un mapa de Nicaragua en busca de lugares donde crecen frutas tropicales, las encontrarás en todas partes. La fruta exótica es común en Nicaragua. Por ejemplo, hay al menos 500 y quizás hasta 1,000 variedades diferentes de mango en todo el mundo. No tengo una respuesta exacta, pero Nicaragua debe tener al menos 20 variedades de estas deliciosas frutas tropicales ... y la población nicaragüense las ama. Incluso en la capital de Nicaragua, Managua, es común encontrar árboles de mango en abundancia. Bueno, permitime compartirte algunas imágenes de esta delicia que, de hecho, se encuentra en toda Centroamérica.


Vigorón is a yummy typical dish in Nicaragua...combine pork rinds, yucca, cabbage salad with fresh lime juice and there you have it...Granada is famous for its vigorón, although you will find it in many places throughout Nicaragua.

It really is a good combination, especially if you can get the chicharrón with a little meat on them. Wash all of this down with an ice cold Pepsi...and you are good to go!

Vigorón es un delicioso plato típico en Nicaragua... combinando chicharrones, yuca, ensalada de repollo con jugo de limón y ahí lo tenés... Granada es una ciudad famosa por su vigorón, aunque lo encontrarás en muchos lugares por todo Nicaragua.

La verdad que es una buena combinación de ingrediantes, especialmente si se puede conseguir el chicharrón con un poco de carnita...luego con una Pepsi helada...y vas de viaje!