Chicken with vegetables, plantains, and white rice

Managua, Nicaragua has some of the best home cooking that Nicaragua has to is a simple, typical, and delicious dish: pollo con verduras, tostones y arroz blanco (chicken with vegetables, fried plantains, and white rice). Mmmmm....good!

Las Isletas in Granada, Nicaragua

Reminiscing on the three years that I lived in Granada, Nicaragua, inevitably I go back as a tourist.  This time it was with a friend from Mexico so we did the 1 hour tour of Las Isletas.  It cost C$450 (negotiated by my Nica wife there at the end of the road in the tourist park at the end of the barrio San Juan del Sur..  The water was shockingly low...I had never seen it so low...but once we were out of the clear (the boat docking area) things were fine.  Testing out a new lense on my Olympus so here you go....

Granada and the Isletas

One of the most beautiful tourist destinations you will find as you vacation in Nicaragua is the city of Granada.  It's famous for many things but one of the most outstanding features of this tourist destination is Las Isletas.  You can find a few hotels and restaurants in the area but mostly you will find natural beauty in and among the 365 small islands.  Check out this house built on one of them!!!

Uno de los destinos más bellos que encontrarás en tus vacaciones en Nicaragua es la ciudad de Granada.  Es famosa por muchas cosas pero uno de sus rasgos sobresalientes de este destino para el turismo son Las Isletas.  Hay unos hoteles y restaurantes cerca de Las Isletas pero lo que más te impresionará es la belleza natural entre las 365 isletas.  ¡Mirá esta casa construida sobre una de las islas!
English: The Cathedral of Granada seen from th...
English: The Cathedral of Granada seen from the bell tower of the La Merced Church, Nicaragua. Français : La cathédrale de Granada vue depuis le clocher de l'église de La Merced, au Nicaragua. Русский: Собор Гранада, Никарагуа. Deutsch: Die Kathedrale von Granada, vom Glockenturm der La Merced Kirche aus gesehen, Nicaragua. Nederlands: De kathedraal van Granada, gezien vanuit de klokkentoren van de La Merced kerk, Nicaragua. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)