Old house - Casa de antes

This is a typical construction in some parts of Nicaragua, dating back a few years. It's made of wooden supports and mud. It's surprising that these houses are actually cool inside and they last for years, despite the rain, wind, etc.  However, in earthquake-prone areas (read most of the west coast in Nicaragua) these houses are slowly being destroyed because of the tremors.

Aquí está una construcción típica de algunos lugares de Nicaragua, obviamente de antaño. Se ha construido de soportes de madera y barro. Sorprendentemente las casas son bastante frescas y aguantan la lluvia, viento, etc. por años. Sin embargo, en zonas de riesgo sísmico (léase toda la franja occidental de Nicaragua) estas casas se van desapareciendo  debido a los temblores.


Nicaragua has excellent coffee production. Of course, the Nicaraguan highlands offer the best coffee varieties. However, almost anymore you point to on a map of Nicaragua, you will find local coffee shops that use locally grown coffee to make a variety of delicious coffee drinks.

Have you met @beiconcito? You can find him here on Instagram. He loves a good macchiato or café cortadito, as they call it in Nicaragua. Here at Café Las Flores you can get some of the best!

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Nicaraguan iguana


We hear a lot of scratching and running around on our roof.  Since we live in a fairly protected property in Managua, this reptile has his run of the place.  It's a big Nicaraguan iguana and he regularly comes down to feed on the grass, flowers and trees.  My fear is that he get trapped by a neighbor, as these are highly valued for food in Nicaragua, especially during Holy Week (Semana Santa). He survived that. What is the connection between Holy Week (Semana Santa) and iguanas?   Read this blog from Rachel Lindsay.