Seafood in Corinto, Nicaragua (click to enlarge)


Here's some local dishes, all sampled by me!!!! Yummy!!!! The first one is a fried sea bass cut of fish covered in an onion, green and red pepper and cream sauce....

The second is breaded lobster....

The third is a whole Red Snapper fried up deliciously....

Each of these dishes is served with tostones (made from green fried plantains - "poor man's french fries" as I like to call them, rice and some rickety salad. Why eat rice when we've got this seafood? That's what I'm talking about....
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  1. wow,..yummy

  2. Desgraciado... me da envidia
    pero bueno, ya preparare lo mismo un dia de estos
    ahi te lo muestro despues

    Saludos desde Chile... estamos a Cero grados, pero perseveramos igual