Lunch in Corinto

We went with our landlords, Roberto and Rosita Carrillo, on Thursday to have lunch.  By the way, they have the best clothing stores in Chinandega - La Elegancia #1 and #2.  Stop in for some great deals on really good clothing! We went to Paso Caballos (Corinto) and ate at the Español.  Note the excellent seafood!!!  The medium fried fish cost $C165 (US$8.25).   The sea bass filet in garlic butter cost C$175 (US$8.50); the fried shrimp with garlic butter or mayonnaise cost C$245 (US$12.25).  The seafood soup cost C$170 (US$8.50) and is a serving double of what is pictured.  Not the cheapest but umm umm good!