Nicaraguan ice cream (in the past)

Most anyone who comes to Nicaragua tries, and likes, the local favorite brand of ice cream: Eskimo.  However, it hasn't always been the local favorite.  In the pre-revolutionary era (before the 1979 onward) Lacmiel was the thing, or so I am told.  I have tried to investigate a bit about the company.  The address is still commonly referenced in Managua by taxi drivers and others giving directions.  I also read that the property where Lacmiel was, abandoned for years, was offered to the Pellas family for $2 million.  It obviously isn't worth that but hey...if the Pella's are buying....anyways, that's why the reference still exists.

Walking through the San Judas barrios in Managua, I saw two of these signs, used now as a sheet metal patch on a tin sheet fence:

Much to my surprise, on the next street south I found this one:
Ahh, sweet memories of days gone bys.  Come back Lacmiel, please come back!

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