Old Cathedral of Managua

Have you ever been to the old downtown ruins in Managua, Nicaragua? In Managua, there are a lot of buildings with architectural beauty and historical significance that are really worth exploring.

In this case, the Old Cathedral (St. James Cathedral is its rarely mentioned real name)  is one of those buildings. This might be one of the first places that you should visit: you can see how it looks from the outside, and walk around the grounds. But even more interesting would be to go inside. It's the same place the famous salsero Luís Enrique filmed the video for "Qué sé yo" (around the year 2000)  I don't think any outsiders have been inside since the filming of that video, unfortunately. Entrance is no longer permitted.

This famous building...ruined by the earthquake in 1972 is a great starting point for pictures of the old downtown Managua. This picture of the Old Cathedral in Managua was taken from the backside in the surrounding Rubén Darío neighborhood.

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